About Us

Company Profile

  • Established in 1996, we are now a large scale slab stock continuous line PU Foam manufacturers.
  • Over 2 decades of leadership experience in the field of Foam & Comfort Industry.
  • Innovative product range, from Foam to Mattresses and expertise in customized solution of orders with superior quality service.
  • Available in variety of sizes & colours
  • An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company & among very few in the industry to get BIS certification.
  • Annual capacity of producing over 1000 tonnes of PU Foam.
  • Equipped with specialized laboratories for the quality control & assurance of product.
  • Continuously working towards enhancing, economizing and improving customer satisfaction.
Chirayu Advance Technology

Advance Technology

  • Hi-tech Foaming machines with the latest imported technology from Europe.
  • Latest German made flow systems for pumping, metering & dispensing of chemicals.
  • Exclusive panel operation design by Red Lion, Inc USA gives accuracy in foam chemistry.
  • World class cutting machines provides accurate cuts from 3 mm to 1000+ mm of Foam & can even cut Memory Foams to precision & Re Bonded Foams up to 160 density.
Chirayu Quality Control  Process

Quality Control Process

  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certificated Company.
  • BIS 7933:1975 certification for its foam.
  • International standards of ASTM ensures tests like(Air flow, resilience Etc.)
  • Well equipped lab setup as per BIS standards
  • Test Done :

  • Tensile strength & stress
  • Shear fatigue test
  • Indentation hardness (IFD ) number
  • Elongation & break value test
  • Air Flow test
  • Ball resilience test & more
Product Range We Provide Uses
Pu Foam
Low & Medium Density
14D,16D,18D,20D,23D & 28D Sheets,Cushions,Rolls,Bolsters,Pillows etc Mattresses,Furniture,Packing,Comfort Industry Auto Textiles etc
Pu Foam
High Density
32D,40D,50D & 60D Sheets,Cushions,Bolsters,Pillows,Taper Cushions Etc Mattresses,Furniture,Garments, Shoes,Comfort Industry, Auto, Textiles etc
Re Bonded Foam 80D,90D,100D,120D & 140D Sheets,Cushions,Gym Seats etc Mattresses,Furniture,Hospital Beds, Gymnasiums, Auto etc
Memory Foam 55D To 65D Sheets,Cushions,Pillows etc Mattresses,Furniture,Footwear etc
HR Foam 32D,40D,50D Sheets,Cushions,Pillows etc Mattresses,Furniture etc
FR Foam 26D To 32D Sheets,Industrial Orders Cuts Auto, Acoustics,Gensets,Mattresses
Super Softm 23D & 32D Sheets,Cushions,Pillows Etc Mattresses,Furniture etc
Mattress Foam ,Memory HR,Re Bonded Mid Range Luxury Mattresses Sandwich Type & Bulk Tenders Bedding & Hospitality Sectors
Quilt Foam & Cotton Up To 80" Thickness Foam Quilt Cotton Quilts Above 350 Gsm Mattress Production,Blankets etc
Pu Foam Rolls Soft PU Rolls Rolls Above 4mm Thickness and Width Up to 90" Quilt & Mattress Production Garment linings,Shoes, Textiles etc